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Why is there no Daily Politics Scotland?

September 15, 2011 2 comments

I tuned into First Minister Questions (FMQs) today for the first time in ages. I mistakenly thought that Daily Politics was going to be on (spent far too much time in England and forgot that BBC2 Scotland shows FMQs on Thursdays and not Daily Politics). I was particularly looking forwards to today’s show as Jo Coburn yesterday and Giles Dilnot (@reporterboy) on twitter were teasing a segment about “nudging”. I was curious.

Not only do we miss an episode of Andrew Neil putting politicians under pressure as well as the occasional interesting side piece, but FMQs itself is presented in a rather poor way.

Prime Minister Question’s (PMQs) on Wednesday is given an hour and a half on BBC2 by the Daily Politics team comprising:

  • 30 mins of PMQs
  • 30 mins analysis of PMQs (15 minutes before and after PMQs)
  • 30 mins for the top stories of the day
Scottish coverage of the FMQs is just FMQs! There is no:
  • analysis of the First Minister’s performance
  • analysis of the leaders from the other 3 main political parties performance
  • Putting FMQs into a UK political context
  • Putting FMQs into a global political context
The real question is why don’t we have this? Are there no decent political commentators north of the border? Or have they like Andrew Neil flocked south?

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