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>About Me!

>For my first blog, i think it would be suitable to tell you a little about myself. 

I am a 20-year-old student hailing from Ayr in Scotland, the birthplace of Robert Burns. I am studying Acoustics at the University of Salford. 
I love my sports, particularly sports that seem to be aimed towards boys even though I am not. That has always perplexed me. A girl who prefers boyish sports and boyish subjects, that is not that i am perplexed about me being a girl now that would be strange. I’m not girlish really in any way, i don’t like shopping – its a necessity not a hobby, i’m not into clothes, make-up or any of that girly nonsense.
I digress, my favourite sports are tennis, basketball, ice hockey, roller (inline) hockey. 
I have a fairly scientific mind in that i wonder about the Universe, life and generally everything in it as well including why the government is useless. I will no doubt tell you about my little theories on the world and the universe but that is for another time.
I enjoy writing and programming and i find they give off the same frustrations and the same sense of achievement at the end. 
I have said that i enjoy science and the wonder of it all but i am also fascinated by language. Language has always puzzled me. I don’t believe language is as easy as science, with science you are either right or wrong but with language there is no right or wrong. That fascinates me. Change one word in any sentence or add/take away a comma or a full stop somewhere and it changes the meaning. Fascinating!
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    >Well, I can comment on your blog with my lj, but I haven’t yet found a way to friend you. I will, mind you, just not yet.

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