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>Eating Disorders

>Long time no speak but i’ve not had anything worth mentioning.

I was playing Basketball last night and somehow the topic of eating came up and i mentioned my troubles with food which are few.
First, when i was very young I would overeat, overeat so much that i’d puke up after the meal. I didn’t hide it, everyone in my family new i ate so much that I vomited.  I actually remember my mother telling me to go to the sink to be sick after a bowl of tomato soup.
I grew out of overeating, well not overeating but overeating that much. I eventually replaced it with an addiction to milk or rather an intolerance to the evil milk. I would drink like 2-4 pints a day. 
I would drink so much that I’d get headaches, my vision would blur and then once more it’d be too the toilet while i was sick. For many years i didn’t know why i was sick but then realised it was the evil milk but when i didn’t know then i’d get sent home from school when essentially all i had done was detox myself from the milk.
Now i have an eating disorder in that i eat all the bad stuff when i know my body doesn’t need it or want it.
Are eating disorders really that bad? I have had my problems with food and still have but are they honestly really that bad. I know things like anorexia and bulimia are bad but they are done for the wrong reasons and its more a case of their own personal issues with themselves. I think its bad that they have to hide it but i think there are a lot of people out there with eating disorders or disorders in the past but it hasn’t adversely affected them, it is only when it goes to the absolute extremes that it is a problem.
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