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>Red Nose Day – Good or Bad?

>Another note from me today. I was just watching a documentary about Red Nose Day, comic relief. This made me want to right this blog.

Is Comic Relief really a good thing? I know it does amazing work both in the Uk and Africa in changing peoples lives for the better. Thats the point i’m trying to make though, it changes individuals lives but possibly not the world, it is possibly detrimental to the world. We are saving people without the consequences of those actions other than the short term.
We are striving for an ideal world in which justice and poverty no longer exist, in essence we are striving for a perfect world, which will never work. 
I’m sure every species in the land wished it wouldn’t get eaten or killed by other species, every species looks out for its own. I’m pretty sure every species on the planet would like us all to live in a peaceful world where we didn’t fight or kill each other and we all saved each other but that’s not how the world works. 
I know the people in Africa really struggle to get through a day but they need to feel that to know happiness just like in the developed world we have to feel pain, fear and horror just as much as those in the developing countries and probably to the exact same extent to feel the happiness. 
Everyone keeps complaining about the HIV/Aids problem but we wouldn’t have a problem if we let them die. I know people will think i have a cold heart when they read that but its true and it may help with the overpopulation of the planet. 
I know nobody likes to think about death and its instinct to survive but its something that has to happen. If everyone lived forever then we’d be in a much bigger crisis than we are now. There wouldn’t be enough money, food to go around, all the natural resources would be used up already. We’d be facing certain death anyway. 
If we keep saving people, the planet will most probably die because it just won’t be able to handle us or more likely it will kill us all. 
The question is, is a million lives worth all of ours? 
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