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>Big Brother State!

>Have you ever felt like you’re being watched? That you are following a script that you’ve not been allowed to read.

I have.
I feel compelled to resist. To act outside the parameters of the box I’m stuck in. 
Even now, though I’m writing this now and have no idea where I am going, I feel its already been written, that I’m not actually thinking what I’m writing but merely copying what is already written.
Being watched is a very common idea in our society and the likelihood is that you are. There will be some footage somewhere of you going about your daily business, maybe doing something that you are not supposed to. 
While this is wrong on a number of different levels, my feeling of being watched goes much deeper than that and even with no camera’a around me in my room, I feel I am being observed. 
Most people would probably call it God that is watching but I feel really uneasy about it, something more like the Matrix in the respect that a computer programme represents my feelings and frustrations of being watched and controlled. 
I feel compelled to resist because i don’t want my ambitions to be limited, my freedom squashed (for some reason, that doesn’t feel like the word i should put). 
I don’t want to be the person that gets up, goes to work, eats and sleeps. I don’t want to be the person who sits at home and twiddles their thumbs.
I want something more. Something freer.
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  1. December 2, 2009 at 13:36

    >Your post made me think about something Joan Baez said, must be a long time ago now, but no less true for that:"You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die, or when, you can only decide how you’re going to live now."

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