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>A Theory

>So I’ve had a theory for a little while that i’d like to share otherwise it’ll drive me crazy.

Two years ago a lecturer at my Uni was discussing with me complex numbers. Complex numbers for those of you who don’t know are a set of numbers beyond that of the normal number line or the real number set. Complex numbers allow you to take a number, square it and get a negative number as a result. Or vice versa, take the square root of a negative number. Now this number set allows you to take the number line and rotate it in a 2D plane. These numbers were originally considered so beyond comprehension that they were called imaginary.
Well his idea was that perhaps there was another number set which would allow you to rotate the number line not just into 2 dimensions but into 3 dimensions. This is an interesting concept & as much as i now firmly believe in this extra number set (what these numbers are i don’t know possibly division by 0? It has to be something we think is impossible in mathematics today.)
Last year, i started thinking that a lot of things in the Universe come in three. There are the 3 spatial dimensions, there is body, mind and soul, the son, the father and the holy spirit etc.
Now there are physicists in the world today trying to unite the 4 forces in the world – gravity, electromagnetic, strong and weak nuclear forces. Scientists have managed to link 3 of these forces but gravity is not wanting to play ball.
I believe there is a lot more to gravity than being a force. We perceive it as a force but i think there is a lot more to it. I believe gravity belongs with time and space and not the forces. If you think of a 3D graph, time, space and gravity take up the x, y, z axis on one and on another the strong nuclear, weak nuclear and electromagnetic forces take up the x, y,z.
With our graph of time, space and gravity well it got me into thinking which is probably a bad thing but it got me thinking that since space is 3 dimensional perhaps time and gravity also have three dimensions and that’s possibly why scientists think they’ve worked out the universe has x more dimensions.
I also want to add that Plato (i think) thought that there was the material world, the physical world and then the world of ideas. I don’t think he was entirely wrong. There is the “real” world which we know and can sense around us, the “imaginary” world which i believe is the world of our mind and the “?” world which is possibly the world of the soul/spirit.
Now i could be completely wrong about all of this but for some reason i think its too beautiful an idea not to be right. I could be wrong or misunderstood some things entirely which is very very possible. i’m going to try harder now to try and research this.
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