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>Who wins?

>The fundamental problem with democracy and elections is the idea that you “win” an election.

You don’t “win” an election. Elections are not for winning. They are for getting your voice heard so that the community you want to see can be allowed to happen via legislation.

What’s even more wrong about elections in the UK is that the majority of the population don’t “win” either the candidate they want to represent or the government they want representing them. No one really wins on election day. The only way we can all win is by having a fair system where our voice is heard just as loudly as the person at the other end of the country, where the problems facing us in our community are heard just as loudly as the problems that face the bigger communities. Every person and every community matters.

Watching the election coverage and coverage of the labour leadership, i find it really hard to take that people talk about winning when the point isn’t about winning and its not about losing. You can look at it that way if you like, but then you’re the fool. The point is to be heard.

For too long now, we have had politicians trying to “win” an election, trying to “win” power, trying to “win” the keys to number 10. Its not about that.

I’m afraid, if we can’t see that and if politicians can’t see that then the country loses and if in every country in the world concentrate on “winning” an election well then the world loses. We can’t tackle our problems, unless we realise this.

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