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>Political & Constitutional Reform Committee!

>So i wrote to PCRC on Monday and they’ve agreed to publish my evidence which can be found here. Mine is the last bit of evidence on that page.

When the clerk for the committee e-mailed me saying the committee had agreed to publish my views on the matter, he also said that the committee chair, Graham Allen had specifically told him that he was impressed with what i had written.

Now Graham Allen is completely new to me as are most politicians but from what I’ve seen of him, i really like him as a person and I would trust him to make decisions on my behalf if he were my MP. I’ve seen his voting record and whilst i don’t agree with all of them, i still respect him and would vote for him if he was a candidate in my constituency.

To me, this shows what i said in my evidence that voting for a candidate isn’t party based as my MP, Sandra Osborne are from the same party but i would vote for one to be my MP but i wouldn’t the other. The problem in our democracy, if you like a party, you have to take the candidate they offer which i think is wrong.

I’m interested in reading their report released on Monday, the 2nd of August.

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  1. August 4, 2010 at 20:30

    >Well done Nicola, just read your submission.While I don't see views on fair votes as a disqualifying issue despite my own firm support for reform, I appreciate where you are coming from.We might not agree with every view of every candidate from our party of choice, but that diversity may also be an important part of democracy.Most voters still back a party first and a candidate second… but I wouldn't want to downplay the extra edge a good candidate can give to any campaign!This is one of the postive aspects of Single Transferable Vote for Scotland's councils – the ability to choose and rank candidates, often from the same party depending on levels of party support locally.

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