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Why Gordon McKenzie won’t be a good MSP for Ayr.

With the Scottish elections 7 weeks away, I wanted to write about the candidates for my hometown of Ayr ahead of the election on May 5th.

This post is dedicated to the Labour candidate for Ayr: Gordon McKenzie. McKenzie is a former provost of South Ayrshire council so he undoubtedly will have respect amongst the communities that make up the Ayr constituency. I can, therefore understand why Labour chose him as their candidate in this seat but from his press in the local paper, I will not be voting for him because he is quite simply the wrong man for the job.
Here is my explanation why he is the worst candidate:
Chic Brodie, the SNP candidate invited him to a hustings on February 15th, McKenzie’s response was:
“Why would I waste my time debating a budget with Chic Brodie that, in the words of John Swinney MSP, “aims to support economic recovery and growth,” when in fact it will cost jobs in the private and public sectors throughout Scotland and lead to more misery for Scottish families.”
The whole point of the debate Mr McKenzie was so you could put that point to Mr Brodie & Mr Scott (Conservative). The public could then decide who they agreed with. Now i wonder if there is an SNP government returned will Mr McKenzie think it a “waste of time” to turn up and debate things like cuts with the SNP or will he just be a Labour lackey? I personally don’t think debating with other candidates in an open debate with the public is ever a waste of time.
The other reason why I do not support Mr McKenzie & think he’ll do a bad job for Ayr is because of this article from the Ayrshire Post where it quotes him as saying:

“As the Labour candidate, I will not be responding to any invitations from the two parties responsible for the cuts being imposed on Scotland. I will be standing up for fairness for all our people; fighting cuts in services; supporting dignity in retirement; campaigning for more apprenticeships and Labour’s Living Wage.”

Now that all sounds well and good but he is not willing to debate or discuss with the Conservative or SNP candidates & presumably the LibDem candidate if we had one. My problem is that he is far too tribal, unable to work in a team unless its a Labour team & till May 2012, i have a minority Tory council with the SNP as the 2nd largest party. Now if Mr McKenzie is elected, will he be rallying the public outside the council buildings or rolling up his sleeves & negotiating a better deal for Ayr? I suspect he will be doing the former.
On the second paragraph of the above quote I believe in all of it so whats my problem with it i hear you ask. He says he is going to fight the cuts in services. I’m sure no candidate wants to see vital public services cut but if he is elected & a Labour government is returned (which i’m sure he is hoping for & campaigning for) then he will be implementing cuts so its misleading to the people of Ayr.
Of course, I know what his response will be if I were to put this to him personally. His response would be that he will cut services in a way that is fair & protects services.
My problem is that every candidate that wants to get elected will say that. What I and the people of Ayr need to know is what do you mean by fair? I need more details on how you will cut.
So if your a member of the Ayr constituency please don’t give Mr McKenzie your vote.
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  1. Alastair Osborne
    March 31, 2011 at 10:44

    You are missing the point. The SNP candidate in Ayr always challenges Labour to a debate and always says Ayr is winging to the SNP. It never does. The meeting was a waste of time because as reported in the local press it was attended by a small handful of party activists. The real debate takes place on the doorstep and with community groups. There is also a tradition of a Hustings Meeting near the date of the election, usually organised by the local churches and independently chaired

    • March 31, 2011 at 21:59

      Alastair Osborne, can i assume your the husband of the MP for Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock? The Alastair Osborne who ran in the 92 election & lost? I think your missing the political points actually. Not only do you send the wrong political point to voters by not turning up to the debate therefore showing that your tribal & unable to work & debate with other parties but by commenting in the local press that it was a “waste of time” raises the question in the voters mind, well what else is going to be a waste of time to the candidate. You used the wrong language & in a campaign where your 10 points behind thats an amateur mistake, which you can’t afford.

      Also on the swing from SNP to Labour, in the past you were always going to be right but in an election where the Liberal Democrats have thought to sold out a year before, there are disillusioned LibDems. Yes, there is a very small vote of LibDems in Ayr but even if 1% leave them that could put the SNP above Labour. If i was a disillusioned liberal, i wouldn’t go & vote Labour, i would vote SNP.
      If your a disillusioned social liberal, you aren’t about to go & vote for the most authoritarian party in the country.

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