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>Why Libya & Iraq are different.

>I fully support the intervention in Libya but not Iraq. I fully support the no-fly zone over Libya. I fully commend David Cameron in leading the way over this issue.

For me the difference isn’t just as Nick Clegg said in his email to party members last night a legal one.

The difference for me is the response of the people of those countries. In 2003, most Iraqi’s did not want the UK & the USA to invade & get rid of Hussein or any potential WMD there might be in there country.

The Iraqi’s were fairly content living under Hussein. The Libyan people are however no longer happy living under Gaddafi. Gaddafi unlike Ali & Mubarak did not listen to his people & is still not listening to his people. In fact, Gaddafi is willing to open fire on his own people in order to stay on in power.

My reaction is that we should do everything to support the Libyan people to get the democracy that they clearly want. We should do everything to support the Libyan rebels against Gaddafi.

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