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Scottish Labour’s Illiberal Anti-Social Crackdown

Scottish Labour have released a five-point plan on how they will crackdown on anti-social behaviour if elected to government ahead of the Scottish election on May 5th.

Labour’s five-point plan is;

  1. Fast Tracked ASBOs
  2. More powers to councils & housing associations to impose behaviour contracts on annoying neighbours
  3. Force landlords to act on antisocial residents
  4. Tough action in public parks
  5. Drink ban

Now, i don’t believe ASBOs work. There needs to be a definite review into them to try and make sure any action on anti-social behaviour is effective.

It is completely illiberal to impose a behaviour contract on someone. I would refuse to sign any behaviour contract. In fact, I would probably act up and be even more anti-social if anyone tried to force me to sign a behaviour contract.

Landlords should not be forced to act on any complaints but at the same time the resident shouldn’t have to put in a formal complaint in order to get the landlord to act.

I’m not sure what they mean by tough action in public parks.

It is completely illiberal to stop someone from drinking. If you ban people from drinking for say a week or more as soon as that ban is up, they are going to try & catch-up on all that drinking time they’ve missed. Therefore creating more anti-social behaviour. The only way to stop drink fuelled anti-social behaviour or any anti-social behaviour is to change the behaviour of the people performing anti-social acts. You can’t change that by banning them from drinking or giving them an ASBO. Behaviours are changed through rehabilitation & education into the way society as a whole behaves.

Anti-Social behaviour is a serious problem especially in Scotland but Labour’s five-point plan won’t work, it will undoubtedly create more anti-social behaviour but maybe that is their plan create more problems & then say their the only ones that can fix it & hope the electorate don’t work out who is creating the problem.

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    You guys really know how to write a blog! This was extremely helpful. Thank you vey much.

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