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More on Behaviour Contracts

A Labourite has been attacking my views on behaviour contracts. Just wanted to write this post to better set out why I’m against them especially when tackling anti-social behaviour.

Every council & housing association has the right to set conditions on how people behave within the tenant agreement. Its similar to the fact that employers have the right to fire you, if your not doing your job. Councils & housing associations already have this ability. I also doubt whether councils will actually evict people from council housing for being anti-social due to the problems it will create. If you evict someone from council housing for anti-social behaviour you will make someone who is on a very low income homeless. Best case scenario, they crash on a mate’s sofa, save some money to rent a place or get further training & climb the social ladder. Worst case scenario, they end up stealing food, alcohol, drugs etc., maybe the join a gang commit serious crimes, go to jail, learn about how to commit more crimes, come out re-offend go back to prison & the cycle continues until someone actually gets them the help they need. Its far cheaper and better for society & the individual to get them the help as soon as possible i.e. when they first committed the first anti-social behaviour.

Scottish Labour’s behaviour contract slaps contracts on people who are behaving anti-socially, people who probably already think the world is against them.

General observation and I think there is scientific evidence to support the idea that if people feel successful, supported & content with life in general they are less likely to be anti-social. The people who commit anti-social behaviour are generally from low-income families, don’t feel supported by the people around them & if they are supported its generally into the wrong types of activities i.e. truanting, gangs, drugs. They also aren’t happy with their life at the moment & can’t see a way out.

Labour want from on high put a contract on them saying “behave or we’ll evict you/send you to jail” re-enforcing any belief they may have that the world is against them.

There is increasing scientific evidence saying that people’s behaviour is defined by two things: their DNA & their environment. In order to solve anti-social behaviour properly:

1. We have to make sure that children of all ages are in the right environment i.e. one that doesn’t have people behaving in an anti-social/criminal way.

2. We have to have a socially mobile society.

3. To stop people behaving anti-socially at the moment, we have to help them get their life back on track.

Solving anti-social behaviour isn’t easy, it will take money & more importantly it will take time. There are no quick fixes when it comes to behaviour because anti-social behaviour generally comes from a psychological problem & there are no quick fixes to that.

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  1. Cat
    April 5, 2011 at 18:29

    I don’t really think you understand the policy, you’re simply against it because you thought Labour had suggested it. You’ve not acknowledged that it is actually a libdem policy as well.

    • April 5, 2011 at 18:48

      I’m against it because it won’t work. I’m not anti-Labour. Labour’s Living Wage is a good policy. I’m also listening to Labour’s economic policy unless of course they are just blaming the bankers. I haven’t yet decided who I agree with on the economy but then again with Labour not setting out how they would cut or whether they would cut at all now, i can’t really make an informed choice who i agree with. The economy is incredibly difficult to comprehend whether all the policies will help the economy or not. After all, governments can give with one hand & take away with another & all governments are guilty. If you don’t think i understand it, then explain it instead of saying I’m anti-Labour.
      I outlined why I don’t think it will work. Councils don’t need extra powers, they have all the necessary powers & rights that they need to place anything in the Tenancy contract to say not to be anti-social. How else would a behaviour contract for housing work?
      How do you think a behaviour contract would be interpreted to someone who is being anti-social? How would they then react? if badly, then what would happen to them if evicted? Its a bad policy, no matter who came up with it. It will only end badly.

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