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Separation of powers.

The AV referendum has made me think over what kind of democracy I want. The FPTPers seem to want a presidential democracy. After all if they didn’t why would they consider government mandates the most important aspect of an election in a parliamentary democracy.

A parliamentary democracy after all is about electing members of parliament to represent us in parliament. Its not about government, its about having serious debates from all ideologies & all backgrounds on what is best for the country. This without doubt almost necessitates coalition governments and compromise. Isn’t that what democracy is about underneath, its about us all working together for the good of the country & betterment of lives and society. There is something deeply powerful in that, yes we don’t get everything we want but then again life isn’t all about us, sometimes we as individuals have to sacrifice something to benefit others.

I am torn however as i like the idea of directly electing government. Would this country have elected Gordon Brown to be chancellor for 3 successive terms? In normal presidential democracies, you generally don’t get to elect the other members of the cabinet, thats up to the President but i do like the idea of collegiate government that parliamentary democracies bring but I also wonder whether being an MP & a government minister is a good idea after all it is effectively two jobs but then again being an MP allows ministers to hear what is happening on the ground. It allows government not to get out of touch although considering the last government, I wonder if its that effective or were they not good at being MPs & being ministers?

I have to say I am torn on this issue but I do think we need to have this debate in the country perhaps a referendum is a good idea, focuses the minds of this country on what we want out of our democracy as at the moment I don’t think we have a clue on what our democracy should be. We have a parliamentary democracy but we seem to vote and think like we have a presidential democracy.

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