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When Clegg met Duffy

Today, Clegg was interviewed by Gillian Duffy , who was the woman that Gordon Brown called a ‘bigot’. The full interview can be found on the BBC here.

Nick talked plainly to Duffy and re-hashed everything he’s already said. There was nothing knew in what Nick Clegg said. I think it might be time to vary the way he structures his message.

The debt/deficit analogy he used again of the parents racking up the debt & then asking the children to pay it off is not the greatest. Yes, they are trying to cut the deficit so by 2015 we’re not adding more money to the pile of the debt that we owe as a country but if the government tries to cut spending too fast or does it recklessly, you decrease growth & considering as we as a country have just come out of a recession, you could possibly decrease growth so that we have negative growth & go into a recession once more, which will just add to cyclic part of the deficit. This will just pile up on top of the debt which my generation & future generations will have to pay off.

Yes, we have to decrease the deficit. Yes we have to pay off the debt but we can’t risk doing the wrong thing now & end up increasing the cyclic deficit. I, for one am not sold, that we’re doing the right thing by going so fast.

Duffy also made an interesting comment about where she thought we lay on the political spectrum.

Liberal policies was a lot like Labour policies years and years ago

Quite frankly, i’ve never thought Labour & the Liberal Democrats were close. Ok we’re closer to Labour in certain respects but we’re also so far away from them in other respects. The political spectrum isn’t a straight line these days. We have a multi-dimensional political spectrum these days.

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