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Electoral Reform Is More Important Than The Economy

Why? Electoral reform if not more important is just as important than the economy because the make-up of parliament is what shapes the debates and the decisions made in our name.

I know I’m in the minority in the country who think that electoral reform is important. Most people are more worried about the economy, health care, education, immigration, business, jobs etc. etc.

I don’t want to devalue the important decisions that have to be made in every area of government but at the end of the day there are always going to be something that is more pressing that the public want the government to fix whether it be the economy, immigration, education, health care etc. It may seem trivial or unimportant but i think the way we come to those decisions is as important if not more important because after all whatever the problem sooner or later it will get fixed, maybe by this government or the next but it will be fixed.

What might not get fixed is how we reach those decisions. Do you really want 35% of this country with enough seats in parliament to get just about anything they want passed even if it means “strong, stable government”? I would rather the 35% of the country have 35% of the seats in parliament. That will mean they will have to compromise. Why is compromise bad? We do it everyday, why should politicians be the exception?

If you really want single party government that badly then we could always separate the executive from the legislature so that we directly elect the government. Don’t rig the system so that one party can get elected to government on a minority of the vote.

For me the whole point of democracy & the reason that the idea of it, as we’re seeing in some countries at the moment, is worth dying for is that the people can collectively come together to decide how to run their local community, their local region and their nations. This can’t happen under the current system as it is so biased towards two world views, the views of the Conservatives and Labour party. You only have to look at your local community to see that there aren’t two world views, we have many views in our country. The current system just can’t reflect that.

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