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Labour – Progressives to What?

Ed Miliband and Labour as a whole keep saying they are progressives but what kind of progress do they want? I still don’t know what kind of society Labour want to build.

Lets take a look at a possible hypothetical in our future.

Imagine, that we’ve mastered robotics. We can build robots to do just about anything. Robots could do our cleaning, collect and empty our bins, deliver our mail etc.

Now let’s say it was possible that the government of the day could replace cleaners, binmen, postmen with robots. The government would then re-train the workers so that they could fulfil their dreams, assuming that no one aspires to be a cleaner, binman, postman. If they do, i would seriously want to raise their aspiration.

What would Labour’s response be? They would be against sacking the binmen, postmen and cleaners even with a promise to retrain everyone. It seems like they would want to keep these people in low-paying jobs, where they have little or no ability to improve their circumstances just so that they are in employment.

Is that really progressive? I would say not. There is no point in keeping people in employment for employment’s sake. I want people in employment as much as anyone but i don’t want to keep them in a low-paying job for the sake of it. They have to be able to rise above their circumstances, to be able to train and reach their dreams.

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  1. Cat
    April 17, 2011 at 20:04

    Ermmmmmmmmm…nope your post doesn’t even make sense while stoned…wtf do you mean???

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