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In response to Ed West on Islamism.

Ed West, journalist for the Telegraph wrote a piece today called: “Why does Britain have an Islamist problem while America doesn’t? Answer: the welfare state”

No doubt, Ed believes this to be the case but he didn’t take into account why people choose to go to a particular country. Imagine you were a muslim, would you choose to go to a country which can lay claim to extremist Christians like the KKK and that priest who burnt a Qu’ran or would you prefer to go to a country that is far more tolerant? You would rather go to the more tolerant country.

If your a muslim who wants to go to America of course its harder to get in, but you’ve got to contend with the people once there. You’ve got to make sure you have the will and desire to succeed, they don’t have to have that when they come here.

America has its own problems with religious extremists, they may not be Islamist but Christian. Christian extremism is just as bad in my opinion as Islam extremism. The Christian extremists preach hate just as much as the Islamists do, they have different results but preaching hate whatever the result is just as bad as every other kind.

Fixing the welfare state won’t stop the Islamists coming. They will still come here because we are the better and more tolerant nation. We have compassion to our fellow human beings whereas America doesn’t have that, certain states still have the death penalty.

Ed could say that our biggest asset as a country is our biggest downfall. The fact we have compassion and won’t send someone to death means we allow extremists into our beloved country.

The question is how do we be compassionate and tough at the same time? We need to sort out our immigration policy, yes we need to keep granting to asylum to those who would be put to death in their home country. We need to fix our welfare state so it always pays to work. We need to integrate those who come to this country better. We also need to have a British Dream. Something we can all aspire to: British & foreigners alike.

The idea or at least the dream behind the United Kingdom is that we are stronger together and weaker apart. The idea that 4 countries or 4 religions or 4 people (doesn’t have to be 4) can come together and create something even more special than each individual can create alone.

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