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What should worry Cameron & the Tories?

I was just reading this post over on Liberal Democrat voice on What is Worrying Labour & the Tories? It reminded me of a family friend who I met at the Ayr count on 5th May who was helping the Conservative candidate. When I said that I guessed she was a Tory, she immediately tried to back out of admitting that she was of the Conservative persuasion politically.

First, I think I should explain why I thought she was a Tory. This family friend is very well-off, definitely upper-middle class (she has a pool (this is Scotland, nobody has a pool unless you’re rich)). Definitely believes in the Conservative value of keeping the money you’ve earned. Is a firm believer in enterprise after all she did turn her house pool into a business by allowing people to hire the pool and & hiring someone to give swimming classes.

Now, whether she likes the Conservative policies on health, social care, education, law & order etc. etc. I don’t know but considering most of them are devolved, the policies on all those are a matter for the Scottish Tories rather than the Tories at Westminster at least where she is concerned.

The question is why would someone who is very much on the centre-right at least economically want to distance themselves from the centre-right party and defend that she is only helping the party because the candidate is a close friend?

It looks like Cameron and co. need to work harder in order to detoxify the Tory brand because no one really wants to stand up and say they are a Tory, they are proud to be Tory. The memories of Thatcher and Major still haunt the Conservative party.

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  1. georgewpotter1066
    May 26, 2011 at 19:05

    Why did you just delete your post about Adele’s comments on income tax? Deleting an entire post just because you got your facts wrong is rather cowardly. A far better act would be to publish a retraction or to post an update at the top of the post to acknowledge your mistake.

    For the record, since you tried to delete it, here is what you said along with my response:

    “Another question that Adele brought up by her tax complaint is that of some absurdities made by the tax bands in that if you earn £150k (50% tax rate) you have to pay the Chancellor of Exchequer £75k (you keep £75k of your hard earned money) whereas if you earn £149,999 (40% tax rate) you have to pay the Treasury approximately £60k therefore keeping just under £90k so around the tax band it is actually worth earning less so that you keep more of your money. This is far more acute around the lower tax threshold between paying 20% and 40% at £35k.”

    As has already been pointed out, this isn’t true. The 50%

    • May 26, 2011 at 19:11

      I didn’t delete delete but did put it under pending review.

      • georgewpotter1066
        May 26, 2011 at 19:34

        Ah, fair enough then.

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