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Why is there no Daily Politics Scotland?

I tuned into First Minister Questions (FMQs) today for the first time in ages. I mistakenly thought that Daily Politics was going to be on (spent far too much time in England and forgot that BBC2 Scotland shows FMQs on Thursdays and not Daily Politics). I was particularly looking forwards to today’s show as Jo Coburn yesterday and Giles Dilnot (@reporterboy) on twitter were teasing a segment about “nudging”. I was curious.

Not only do we miss an episode of Andrew Neil putting politicians under pressure as well as the occasional interesting side piece, but FMQs itself is presented in a rather poor way.

Prime Minister Question’s (PMQs) on Wednesday is given an hour and a half on BBC2 by the Daily Politics team comprising:

  • 30 mins of PMQs
  • 30 mins analysis of PMQs (15 minutes before and after PMQs)
  • 30 mins for the top stories of the day
Scottish coverage of the FMQs is just FMQs! There is no:
  • analysis of the First Minister’s performance
  • analysis of the leaders from the other 3 main political parties performance
  • Putting FMQs into a UK political context
  • Putting FMQs into a global political context
The real question is why don’t we have this? Are there no decent political commentators north of the border? Or have they like Andrew Neil flocked south?
  1. September 15, 2011 at 17:43

    I’d say that Brian Taylor would, given that kind of time slot, knock spots off Andrew Neil. We usually don’t even get to see the end of FMQs.

    Have you seen the longer programme on a Wednesday afternoon when they do go into the issues in Scottish politics in some depth?

    • September 15, 2011 at 18:35

      I know of Brian Taylor and think he is brilliant. Problem is he is very underused.

      I haven’t seen the longer show on Wednesday. Is it any good?

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