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Do Labour have an Ideology?

Liam Byrne gave this speech to conference today.

In his speech, he says this:

Our challenge now is to change and move in and say once more the centre-ground is our home-ground, and this is where we fight.

In other words, Labour have no ideology, they’ll just say what we want to hear until they get elected at which point they’ll change back to what caused them defeat in May 2010.

Labour are supposedly a party of Social Democrats, Democratic Socialists and Socialists. They either believe in that or they don’t.

I believe in Liberalism, its why I’m a Liberal Democrat.

Within liberalism, we LibDems can take numerous approaches to working out policy so that we can properly face the big issues of the day like immigration, like welfare, like the banks.

Liam, if your party believes in social democracy, democratic socialism or socialism, then base your policies in the ideology and explain us to why that’s so much better than Conservative or LibDem policy.

Don’t sell out your principles, just to create a manifesto that will get you elected. Once your elected, and your manifesto policies have run out, you will be stuck with what?

You won’t know how your policies have changed people’s mind well enough to create good policies or be able to govern the country effectively. You will be back to reactionary politics. Back to making policies based on opinion polls.

Surely, you remember how well that worked out for you. After all the key result was only 16 months ago. It ended in defeat in the polls.

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  1. September 25, 2011 at 21:18

    Labour abandoned socialism and social democracy a long time ago. Liam Byrne is just to carry the torch of New Labour even after their defeat in 2010.

    • September 25, 2011 at 21:37

      Surely if the electorate is ever to trust them or to know what they stand for they have to return to it.

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