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Lib Dem By-Election Gain & The New Scottish Tory Leader

The Lib Dems gained Inverness South council ward from Labour. Carolyn Caddick for the Lib Dems defeated the SNP by 7 votes winning 1091 to 1084 in the final round of counting.

With the Lib Dem poll rating in the low 10s, and the media criticising the LibDems harder than ever since we joined forces with the Tories in coalition in May, its fantastic to see us beating the SNP & Labour.

Labour in Scotland seem to be taking a massive hit. First they take a massive hit in the Scottish Elections in May going from a 15point advantage to a 14 point disadvantage in the constituency section and an 18 point disadvantage in the list section come polling day. In this election they went from first to third.

I don’t think the Scottish Labour leader candidates will be able to do enough to be seen as competent leaders with the right agenda for Scotland. it could be that Labour are starting to decline in Scotland although whether the LibDems or the Tories can take advantage of that, I don’t know, the SNP certainly can.
It is very likely that Scotland will continue to vote Labour in Westminster elections to keep the Tories out. If this is the case then I find it very difficult to see the SNP gaining in general elections.

It is therefore up to Lib Dems and Willie Rennie to show we are the real alternative to Labour in Scotland. If Nick Clegg can show, that the LibDems are an alternative to Labour and the Tories south of the border then there is a bright future ahead for the Liberal Democrats.

Meanwhile over in Edinburgh, the Scottish Tories have decided that Ruth Davidson will be the new leader of the Scottish Conservative Party. Ruth is the first openly gay and youngest ever Conservative leader at the age of 32.

Ruth Davidson is unlikely to win over the support for the Tories. Annabelle came across as warm and straight talking, I doubt Ruth will be able to do this to the same effect.

While Ruth was the more centrist candidate, I doubt she will be able to revive the Tories in Scotland. I don’t think she has the right policies or the right character to be able to lead the Scottish Conservatives to electoral success in Scotland.

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  1. November 4, 2011 at 19:07

    Congratulations to Ruth Davidson. I’m pleased to welcome more LGBT people into politics even if I disagree with their politics.

  1. November 13, 2011 at 18:18

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