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Majority support for Union according to the Mail

In yesterday’s Scottish Daily Mail, they ran their front page with the sensationalist headline: “Give Us A Vote Now And We Will Save The Union”.

The Daily Mail had organised an opinion poll through Progressive Scottish Opinion to ask whether we Scots desired “Salmond’s dream of destroying the Union” as well as working out what consequences there would be if Westminster organised the referendum through the independent Electoral Commission.

The survey found 53% opposed breaking up Britain and only 28% supporting destroying what unionists call “the most politically  and economically successful union ever”. The survey found that most Scots “do not care who organises the referendum” with only 2% of the 1200 surveyed saying they would boycott any referendum held by Westminster. This goes against the common view that any independence referendum organised by Westminster would create a pro-independence backlash.

Personally, there is good reason to think that Westminster holding the referendum is the wrong strategy but if the SNP show that they clearly can’t hold an objective referendum then I think Westminster will have to step in. I doubt however that will produce a pro-independence backlash but a pro-Union boost due to the fact that Westminster can position itself as the reasonable friend who helps out if our government shows that its trying to rig a referendum or behaving in a way that is in the SNPs interest and not the Scottish people’s interest.

Whilst I agree that only the people of Scotland should decide whether Scotland stays or leaves the Union, I have argued recently that this is not the right approach.

I do want Westminster to take control. Not in a traditional Westminster/English dominant, arrogant way but in a way that says: “The UK has a constitutional problem in the fact that nobody likes how the UK is currently run. The media structure, the political culture, the settlement between nations isn’t working. Lets use this crisis to forge a new path, a path that takes vested interests out of politics, a path that gives people genuine power to change their lives and their communities, a path that delivers on the promise of the union that together we can be greater than the sum of our parts.”

This new path sees people from across the political spectrum, cross the civic and political societies and from up and down the country to debate, to compromise  and find a new way forward for the United Kingdom.

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