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Female Heroes!

Today, the BBC released their Women of the Year. Twitter was immediately incensed due to the Panda Sweetie making it onto the list for well being a panda.

Some were incensed because a Panda clearly can’t be a women like somehow we are different species. As can be seen in this tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/Rosiecosy/status/152023899629043712

To be fair to the BBC, Sweetie is a female panda and is therefore technically a woman. It is in my opinion just as wrong to include the female panda in the women of the year as it is to include Pippa Middleton for being a sex object or all the other women on the list who are their because they are or belong to royalty.

What is sad about the Women of the Year list and the Sports Personality of the Year award is that there is a failing in our society to champion women. Women and girls in particular at the moment have no great female role models. There are some amazing and inspiring women out there but the press seems to be allergic to great women.

In sport: the Williams sisters(although understand why they aren’t on sporting lists of greats this year. They will always be an inspiration though), Li Na, Keri Anne Payne, Rebecca Adlington are only a few.

In the rest of the world, some women to celebrate are Christine Lagarde, Angela Merkel, Aung Sang Suu Kyi and Hilary Clinton and there are countless others.

We need to do something about the way newspapers report brilliant and inspiring women. I doubt its inspiring men that sell papers but rather inspiring people that sell papers. Why don’t we hear about the amazing female sports stars in this country.

It seems like as a country, we still have an expectation of women that the newspapers and magazines help to promote that we should either be a 1950s style housewive or a glamourous bimbo like Amy Childs or Jordan.

In the midst of all this sexism, this video made me smile and think that maybe in the future things will be different was seeing this very clued up little girl getting angry about pink toys:

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  1. Hywel
    December 28, 2011 at 21:43

    Very weird.

    The current list on the BBC doesn’t include Li Na or Pippa Hamilton

    But clearly the original did:

    In any case it isn’t women of the year but a more whimsical selection.

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