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The Iron Lady Review

The Iron Lady is at its hearts a story about an old woman struggling with dementia who continually hallucinates about her dead husband reflects back on her life in politics.

Whilst, its about Margaret Thatcher, it could really be about any woman with dementia who has struggled in a man’s world. The political drama could quite easily have been replaced. The political drama served as window dressing. As someone who was born at the end of the Thatcher reign (i was born in 88) and has no memory or recollection of the time, I have no idea as to how she won three elections from watching the movie. I could understand how she won the first election, and with my knowledge of the period from talking to politicos and people who were around at the time that it was the Falklands war that made Thatcher not as hated as she was and therefore why she won a second election let alone a third. I don’t think I would have got that had I not known about the pride that winning the Falklands war gave to the United Kingdom.

I’ve just recently watched Miracle, a film about the 1980s US ice hockey team coming from a disadvantaged position and coming through to beat the Soviets, the best team in the world at that time having won 6 out of the last 7 Olympics. This was a film about ice hockey but I learnt more about the politics and America’s position at the time than I did about Thatcher’s role and the politics of the time in this film.

One of the other themes running through the movie was that Thatcher was a feminist icon. From what I know of Thatcher’s story, I could see how one might see that but from the film, if you aspire to that, God help us all. I felt they didn’t show how much of a struggle it was back in those days or how a grocer’s daughter becoming the Prime Minister is an incredible achievement enough. The feminism in that I can agree with but how she treated people afterwards was atrocious and this is what the film focuses on far more than rising to be PM.

For those on the left wondering whether the film glamourises Thatcher, fear not. I think it showed her as a bully and therefore incredibly weak. That might be my lily-livered liberalism though.

The film on a whole felt long and dragged out through some of the dementia scenes which as I’ve said previously is what the film is really about. Meryl Streep and Jim Broadbent were fantastic though as was the whole cast.

Verdict: 2.5/5

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