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Independence referendum “date” set!

This post was going to be something quite different. It was going to be a “What Everyone Has Been Saying About the Independence Referendum” after all there has been a lot of news coverage over the weekend. Cameron stepped in to say that he will put a clause into the Scotland bill going through parliament at the moment that will give the Scottish parliament powers to hold a legally binding referendum on Scottish Independence if he holds the referendum in the next 18months.

According to Andrew Sparrow’s live blog apparently George Osborne has been chairing the ministerial committee on Scotland and led the discussions in cabinet.  Apparently George is not the “union’s biggest fan” and sees the referendum as a win/win for the Tories given that if Scotland leaves, it takes 59 seats with it which only 1 is Tory.

The coalition has been divided over how to tackle the referendum after LibDems opposed the mandatory 18month limit on the SNP holding the referendum. Quite rightly i might add.

While Nick was in Scotland on Saturday, he said that Independence was an extreme option.

Today, we had Moore in the Commons posing legality questions over the SNP holding the referendum and giving Holyrood the power to legally hold the referendum.

Then of course we had the SNP at the same time announcing the date or rather season of the referendum to be in Autumn 2014. Thats 2 and a half years away. There has been a whirlwind of activity on this, hopefully, i’ve caught everything thats been going on.

Will Cameron and Osborne try to bring the referendum closer who knows.

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