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Len McCluskey criticises Ed M.

I wrote a piece the other day on How Do You Solve a Problem Like Ed? Now Len McCluskey, the general secretary of Unite has come after Ed.

He claims that Ed Balls embrace of austerity leaves us with a 1931 consensus. Actually everyone already believed in austerity, after all Labour promised more austerity than the government is actually introducing.

All it does, is leave the voters even more confused for what Labour stand for. That coupled with a leader who is as about attractive to the voters as a dog is attractive to a cat. Labour don’t stand a chance at the election.

Len also said “Having won on the measures [to embrace austerity], new Labour will likely come for the man sooner or later. And that way lies the destruction of the Labour party as constituted, as well as certain general election defeat in my view”

They would be right to go for Ed, he’s already failed the most important test, the blink test. He has to work twice as hard now and considering his message is all over the place and I have no idea what Labour stands for any more. Labour are heading for destruction any way. The split between Blairites and the rest reminds me of the liberal split back in 1918 between the Liberals and the Liberal Unionists.

Labour may well soon be heading for the political exit door. I doubt Labour have the resilience to keep fighting for what they believe in and stick around for 70 years on less than 10% in the polls.

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