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Dan Radcliffe Calls Academy Awards Snobs after HP7b didn’t get a Best Pic nod

Mugglenet has a story about Radcliffe calling the Academy awards snobbish after giving Hugo a nod and not Harry Potter.

Sorry Dan, but face up to reality the Hp films just weren’t that good especially HP7b.

My review in detail is here.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 was nowhere near Oscar standard. I don’t blame Dan for that but the filmmakers.

The script was terrible. First, Hermione didn’t get her moment in Shell Cottage which would have set the stage and the scale of the battle brilliantly.

Harry and Voldemort all of a sudden being able to feel the destruction of the horcruxes and Harry being able to feel they were near didn’t work.

Voldemort talking in their heads didn’t work.

The dialogue Harry gives Snape in the great hall was truly atrocious.

Helena Ravenclaw was WTF.

Some of the special effects at the end were what on God’s Earth was that and Why, Why, Why?

Near the end, I was going “just kill the snake, already” because I was bored by all the special effects. I was so bored, they could’ve completely changed the ending so the person who died in the final battle survived and killed the one who did survive and I wouldn’t have cared.

They removed the speech at the end where Harry finally got magic.

It was a bad movie. Those who worked on it should get over themselves and realise how bad it actually is.

The really annoying thing is that if the filmmakers knew what they were doing, it could have been fantastic and Oscar worthy but the filmmakers took everything that was dramatic in the book out to replace with special effects.

Rant over.

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