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Where Liberal Democrats Lead, the Labservatives follow!

Lately, I’ve been talking about the positioning of the Liberal Democrats and how we can break through at an election to either become the official opposition or the governing party in our own right. This has mainly come about due to the launch of Liberal Left.

One of my main gripes with Liberal Left, is that they seem to be positioning the party as the Labour-lite party. This is a position we’ve struggled with for a long time. After all, we are not some off-shoot of the Labour party. We are not a party for disillusioned Labour supporters.

We have our own philosophy, our own traditions, our own beliefs. Beliefs and a philosophy that Labour do not share.

As part of the coalition, the danger is we come to be seen as Tory-lite especially when our coalition partners will want to hug us as close they can so they can take the credit for our policies and soften the Conservative brand.

The problem is, is that we aren’t Labour-lite or Tory-lite but they are both LibDem-lite.

After all, they are both trying to crowd our territory. We need to be pushing this as social proof for our policies and our party and Nick Clegg.

This is what Ed M is trying to do with Murdoch, banker’s bonuses etc. He is trying to claim that we and the Tories are following the agenda he set out in his conference speech to prove that he is a good leader & showing that Labour are on the ball before us.

We’ve got to use the power of the media, to expose these hypocrisies and to show that as Labour and the Conservatives crowd our ground, that their parties aren’t behind them.

After all where Liberal Democrats lead, Labour and Conservatives follow.

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