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Youth Unemployment Motion

On Friday at conference, there was a motion on youth unemployment in which I had submitted an amendment. That meant I had to move it. I’d asked Allan MacBain of my local party to summate the motion as he was the man who inspired me to write the amendment on the drive back from our recent local party meeting.

I had managed to talk to Jo Swinson and Jim Hume about my amendment before the debate. Jo Swinson was really supportive and said she’d be cheering me on, sadly though she was kept in a meeting and missed the start of the debate so didn’t see me speak.

Slightly relieved though, having an MP and Scottish Deputy leader in the audience might have made me even more nervous than I was. I’m quite glad that the hall was almost empty for my speech.

The amendment itself defined the problems that we young people face i.e. entering the job and setting up our business.

I’ve become sick of the Labservative language on youth unemployment. My generation doesn’t have to be lost. We aren’t cogs in a machine. We don’t have to be slaves of other people being the entrepreneurs.

My generation can shape our own destiny. We can go out there and create work for ourselves and be the wealth creators of today and tomorrow.

But we more than possibly any other generation need the help and the support in order to be able to do that. We aren’t experienced. We may not have the confidence or skills that we need in order to do shape our own destinies.

I, myself would like to start my own business but lack confidence. Oh and the fear, the crippling fear and self-doubt is holding me back.

There are times when I know I can do it. I rationally believe there is nothing stopping me other than myself. I don’t want to be my own worst enemy. In ten, twenty years time, I don’t want to be saying “if only I had done this or if only I’d had the self-confidence that I do now, I’d have achieved x”

But I don’t know how to overcome this. I need help. I’m sure there are other young people like me up and down the country.

I wasn’t quite that articulate or perhaps coherent in my speech. It is so much easier to blog than it is to get up on stage and speak.

Thankfully, Allan gave a fantastic speech to summate.

The amendment passed, and I saw Danny Alexander, Tavish Scott, Jim Hume and Jo Swinson vote for it and I think I saw Liam MacArthur vote for it as well.

I’m pleased to say I’ve managed to affect party policy.

Something that is impossible in the Labour and the Conservative parties.

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