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Reporting Scotland is Useless!

I’ve blogged previously on how Scottish news is useless and is incapable of holding Scottish politicians to account. Tonight’s Reporting Scotland is a very good example of how the Scottish media is failing Scottish politics.

What I learnt from tonight’s reporting Scotland:

– Neil Lennon gave his testimony to the high court today. This piece was effectively word for word what was in the proper news earlier. Sorry, I mean UK news.

– Elaine C Smith is going to play Susan Boyle in a musical called “I dreamed a dream” about SuBo’s overnight success

– Aberdeen boy Pete Cashmore is set to earn £130 million for selling his website Mashable that he set up in his bedroom 7 years ago

– Some bird’s population in the Highlands & Islands is at a 20 year high

– A rare plant has been found in the highlands

– A Scottish lad has climbed some of the toughest winter climbs

– Labour have outlined their plan to tackle the alcohol problem in Scotland by limiting the amount of caffeine in alcohol. This was substandard piece of political news, there was no comment from a Scottish Labour politician on why this was important or would do anything. There was no one from the SNP, LibDems or Tories telling us what they think on Labour’s plan or any talk from “experts” as to whether this is a good idea or a bad idea.

I wasted half an hour of my life learning absolutely nothing. What happened in parliament? Are there any debates going on in parliament that I and the public need to be aware of? When is the Scottish media going to step up to the plate and help hold Scottish politicians to account?

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