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Galloway elected in Bradford West!

Last night’s shock by-election result in Bradford West was fuelled by a dislike for the major parties.

I believe Galloway put across his message well and it helps that he is a well known politician.

I was listening to BBC radio 5 Live this morning with Nicky Campbell and a muslim voter in Bradford told the listening public that Bradford is dealing with high unemployment, run-down areas and that the old politics, the politics LibDems stood against in 2010 had failed Bradford. I believe they haven’t just failed   Bradford but failed the country. This guy mentioned how he hoped and thought the Galloway would revitalise Bradford.

Sunny Hundal of Liberal Conspiracy asked the question what Galloway had done for the Tower Hamlets, I would add what did he do for Glasgow as well, to revitalise the area? The guy didn’t answer the question but continued to push what was wrong with Bradford and how a new voice might help change that.

Sunny had a good point, what has George done to change the constituencies he has represented previously. Not alot.

He made a name for himself but not by representing his constituents well. In fact, we rarely hear of the MPs who represent their constituents well.  In fact with my own MP, you simply don’t hear what she is up to. So its not just good MPs we don’t hear about.

What shocked me most wasn’t the 7% loss in the LDs share of the vote or the decrease in the Conservatives support by 23%, after all they’ve just had a bad week but the loss of Labour support. Ok Bradford has been a Labour seat for a long time and there are voters who think that old politics have failed but that doesn’t mean you switch support to a party or a candidate unlikely to be elected. I would suspect a thousand or so do that but Galloway achieved a 10,000 majority over Labour who were defending a 5000 majority in 2010.

I think this spells trouble for Ed Miliband. After all if he can’t capitalise on a bad week for the government and trounce an unpopular government and enthuse the public that he has the ideas, candidates and ability to make a real difference to people’s lives so they turn out and vote Labour, what can he do?

  1. March 30, 2012 at 12:02

    Good luck to the good folk of Bradford in their, I think, “impossible” choice; actually, pretty much near that given their ballot choices.

    However, an historical awareness of GG’s pedigree going back to his Dundee Cabal of Militant Tendency apparatchiks who looted the city, might serve well as a weathervane.

  2. March 30, 2012 at 16:12

    Good point about Galloway’s past performance – who was representing the people of Tower Hamlet’s when he was on CBB?

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