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Ed Miliband is Out of Touch

This was first published on LibDemVoice on 4th April at 2.05pm.

On Monday, Ed Miliband, Leader of the Opposition, launched the Labour Party’s local election campaign.

Ed proclaimed that the government is “out of touch”, and challenged us on growth, fairer taxes and a stronger society.

On growth, he claimed that we need to deal with the deficit otherwise we won’t have growth in the future.

On fairer taxes, Ed said we “are raising taxes for pensioners but cutting them for millionaires”.

Actually, this month has seen the personal tax allowance for pensioners increase, and from next year they are frozen until the personal tax allowance catches up. Or does Ed believe that pensioners should get a bigger tax break than working people?

A stronger society can only be achieved by local people and government, local and national, working together. That is something that the Labour party seems to be incapable of doing. Instead, Labour wants to tell local people what they can and cannot do.

Ed calls this government out of touch; this is coming from a man who thinks being in touch means a photo opportunity in Greggs.

On policy, Ed showed it was the same old authoritarian Labour. Instead of finding innovative ways to solve the roots of the problem, he simply wants to tell companies how to run their business.

On jobs, Ed said that if he was Prime Minister he would guarantee jobs for young people. How out of touch with reality can you be? Nobody can guarantee jobs unless Ed thinks that jobs grows on trees.

On crime, Ed talked about restorative justice, which is something that Brian Paddick has been campaigning on in London with the fantastic “You break it, You fix it” posters. Last September, Nick Clegg told conference in Birmingham:

“So we have to push ahead with the Government’s rehabilitation revolution: Punishment that sticks, that changes behaviour. An end to the corrosive cycle of crime. And I want the criminal to look their victims in the eye to see the consequences of their actions, and to put it right. That’s why there will be community payback projects in every city affected. Why we are investing in drug recovery wings in our prisons. Tackling gang culture. Tougher community penalties. Effective justice. Restorative justice. Liberal justice.”

The Labour party and Ed Miliband are either in fantasyland or they are nicking Liberal Democrat ideas.

Labour is the party that ran out of money in government, and in opposition ran out of ideas. What’s worse is that they are incapable of being innovative, so are incapable of getting us out of the hole that they helped to create.

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