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SNP break college places pledge!

In the run up to the election, Alex Salmond made a pledge, similar to Nick Clegg’s ill-fated tuition fees pledge, to continue no tuition fees north of the border, improve student support and to protect college places.

This is something that once elected, the SNP went back on announcing a £40 million cut to college funding, losing approximately 9000 places as a result. It was only because of relentless campaigning by Willie Rennie, the Liberal Democrats and NUS Scotland, that the SNP made an eleventh hour u-turn and reversed some of the cuts in this year’s budget.

Now the Daily Record has this story, SNP plans to close 1/3rd of Scots Colleges could have “huge cost to society” warn opponents. This is deeply worrying. If 12 of our colleges or closed, that will dramatically affect the number of college places and courses available to prospective students at a time when Scotland desperately need colleges to allow people to retrain & improve their skills to help get us out of this recession.

Why would a party that claims to be progressive, to be social democratic remove places, courses and funding to institutions that help people move up the social ladder and improve their lives?

I hope Rennie and the Liberal Democrats will continue to campaign to save our colleges which are more vital now than before the financial crisis.

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    • April 6, 2012 at 10:24

      One £50m campus means little when you are cutting the funding to other colleges so they are unable to provide the courses and the places to prospective students that they currently do.
      Plus its £50m going into a building not into college places that help people improve their skills or retrain which at the current time is invaluable.

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