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Thoughts On The Queen’s Speech

Today, the Queen gave her speech opening parliament and describing her governments legislative programme for this session. The good things in the speech from a Lib Dem perspective are:

  • Green Investment Bank
  • Banking Reform
  • Bringing Fair Trade to domestic UK products so Supermarkets don’t give a bad deal to British Farmers
  • Reforming the electricity market
  • Reforming pensions (Steve Webb has been at the front leading on this)
  • Libel Reform (something that Julian Huppert has been leading on in parliament)
  • House of Lords reform
  • Meeting the 0.7% in International Aid
  • Shared Parental Leave

The Bad thing for LibDems in particular is the online snooping draft bill. It has been demoted to draft bill but I simply don’t believe it should pass in any form coz its not possible and currently goes against LibDem policy.

I only saw a fraction of Ed’s reply to the Queen’s speech but it was so funny and irritating at the same time that I had to stop watching.

Ed was claiming a number of the policies announced in the Queen’s speech as Labour ideas. If Labour & in particular Ed Miliband’s Labour could come up with a sensible idea that wasn’t nicked from the LibDems well I’d eat my hat and join the Labour party. On second thought, I could never join Labour, all those drones, donkeys and deadweights over there would seriously cramp my style. I value originality & creativity far too much to join Labour.

Overall, the Queen’s speech was fairly good, a fair number of LibDem policies. I’ll watch the main speeches of the debate later and blog my thoughts and opinions, if I’m not comatose from rofl from Ed Miliband’s speech.

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