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SNP About To Harm the Scottish Economy with Minimum Pricing!

Today the Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon announced the Scottish Governments plan to introduce minimum pricing at 50p per unit.

This amounts to an attack on the still fragile Scottish economy as many people will go south of the border for cheap booze or order booze online further challenging our pubs, our off-licences and our supermarkets.

Are the supermarkets online stores going to have a special Scottish section where alcohol is set at 50p per unit?

Will Scottish companies with online stores as well have to comply with the Scottish minimum pricing but UK companies with online stores, like Tesco sell at rest of UK prices?

Minimum pricing within one state of a nation in the age of the internet is going to be impossible to properly enforce.

The SNP Government are introducing minimum pricing in order to deal with Scotland’s drinking problem. As i’ve blogged before, minimum pricing will do little if anything to help with problem drinkers.

No matter how you look at this policy, this is bad policy which will have a negative effect on Scotland.

What’s worse of all is that Willie Rennie in his first conference as leader got the Scottish Liberal Democrats to sign up to this policy, when we should be speaking up for Scotland against this bad SNP policy.

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