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Labour sell-out by forming coalition with Tories in South Ayrshire!

Image Credit: Paul Wild

Today was the first meeting of South Ayrshire council where “the ten Conservative Councillors – the largest political group within the Council – formed a minority administration working in a Partnership Agreement with the nine Labour Councillors.” i.e. a coalition by another name.

Labour after giving the LibDems hell for working in partnership with the only party they could falling the 2010 general election, choose to go into coalition with the Conservatives in South Ayrshire when they could have provided a stable administration with the SNP.

For going into coalition with the Conservative, the Labour group gained the Provost, the deputy leader of the council as well as the portfolios for Social Services and Housing & Customer Services as well as the opportunity to chair a number of the panels within the council.

Full details of who got what below:

Provost Helen Moonie (Lab)

Depute Provost Mary Kilpatrick (Con)

Leadership Panel

  • (Chair) Councillor Bill McIntosh (Con), Portfolio Holder for Corporate, Strategic & Community Planning
  • (Vice-Chair) Councillor John McDowall (Lab), Portfolio Holder for Sustainability & the Environment
  • Councillor Margaret Toner (Con), Portfolio Holder for Lifelong Learning
  • Councillor Bill Grant (Con), Portfolio Holder for Economic Development, Leisure & Tourism
  • Councillor Robin Reid (Con), Portfolio Holder for Resource & Performance
  • Councillor Rita Miller (Lab), Portfolio Holder for Social Services
  • Councillor Philip Saxton (Lab), Portfolio Holder for Housing and Customer First

Scrutiny/Governance Management Panel

  • (Chair) Councillor Brian McGinley (Lab)
  • (Vice-Chair) Councillor Hugh Hunter (Con)

Development and Environment Standing Scrutiny Panel

  • (Chair) Councillor Kirsty Darwent (Lab)
  • (Vice-Chair) Councillor Ann Galbraith (Con)

Corporate and Community Planning Standing Scrutiny Panel

  • (Chair) Councillor Brian Connolly (Ind)
  • (Vice-Chair) Councillor Alec Clark (Ind)

Community Services Standing Scrutiny Panel

  • (Chair) Councillor John Hampton (Con)
  • (Vice-Chair) Councillor Andy Campbell (Lab)

Appeals Panel

  • (Chair) Councillor Ian Cavana (Lab)
  • (Vice-Chair) Councillor John Hampton (Con)

Chief Officers’ Appointments/Appraisals Panel

  • (Chair) Councillor Bill McIntosh (Con)
  • (Vice-Chair) Councillor John McDowall (Lab)

Regulatory Panel

  • (Chair) Councillor Peter Convery (Con)
  • (Vice-Chair) Councillor Sandra Goldie (Lab)

Local Review Body

  • (Chair) Councillor Peter Convery (Con)
  • (Vice-Chair) Councillor Sandra Goldie (Lab)

Rural Panel

  • (Chair) Councillor Alec Clark (Ind)
  • (Vice-Chair) Councillor Hywel Davies (Con)

General Purposes Panel

  • (Chair) Councillor Mary Kilpatrick (Con)
  • (Vice-Chair) Councillor Ian Cavana (Lab)
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