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The polling that should worry LibDem HQ!

I’m not talking about the voting intention figures. Although, I do think that if Nick Clegg wants to make the LibDems 1 of 3 parties of government, we need to be polling around 20% between elections.

This post isn’t about those polls though.

Lord Ashcroft has had some polling done in Corby where there is a by-election on November 15th.

The poll does show we’ve lost a significant amount of support but at this point, we’re used to that.

What is worrying is who the voters said was the best party on key issues.

On growing the economy, creating jobs, cutting the deficit and the debt, the NHS, schools, Europe, crime, welfare and immigration, the LibDems hovered between 6-8%.

The only issue where the LibDems did well was on protecting the environment where 26% said the Liberal Democrats had the right approach.

This is only Corby voters so can’t be applied nationally. Ipsos-Mori did a national poll a few weeks ago and the results were practically identical.

If we are truly turning into a true party of government, those numbers should be a lot higher.

These figures correlate to the support that the LibDems are achieving in the national voting intention polls particularly with YouGov.

If we want to be 1 of 3 parties of government then the LibDems need to be challenging for the top spot in some of these categories.

These reports show how far away we are from being a true party of government.

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  1. October 24, 2012 at 12:45

    I think part of the clue is in “Lord Ashcroft’s poll”. This is not exactly unbiased and there are ways of setting up polls that give particular results. It’s important to always be aware of the opposition agenda in these matter and not just accept what our opponents say.

    • October 24, 2012 at 12:58

      Thats why I linked to the Ipsos-Mori national poll. Ipsos-Mori are an unbiased polling company.

      Ipsos-Mori had effectively the same results.

      In fact Ipsos-Mori had slightly worse results. Most of the polling was between 5%-9% on all the key issues apart from on climate change where we got 14% thinking the LibDems were the best party, we were 1% behind Labour in first place and 5% above the Tories. In fact Ashcrofts poll improved our standing on the environment by 12%. Even though it was a slightly different topic. One was protecting the environment and the other on climate change.

      I know that polls can be biased and rubbished if they don’t say what one likes and are done by the opposition. Thats why I also linked to the Ipsos-Mori poll because that is harder to rubbish by saying its done by the opposition. It was also done nationally showing that this isn’t just in Corby but we face some difficult problems across the country.

  2. Peter Benson
    October 24, 2012 at 14:24

    Because the LibDems supported the attack on the Welfare State,with Nick Clegg spouting of about drawn curtains and benefit scrounging scum,appealing to traditional DM readers,because the LibDems supported the Privatisation of the NHS.They will never be forgiven.

    Wait till the trouble really kicks in next year when the Welfare Reforms Bite.And it will be the LibDems,along with the Conservatives that will be blamed.And rightly so.

    Anything else they achieved in this Government,is small beer in comparison.

    Even the attempt to change the way elections are counted.From FPTP to a proportional voting system was thwarted,because the Tory connection has toxified you.

    • October 24, 2012 at 14:36

      Peter, thats not the reason. At least for these figures anyway, I think you’ll find similar levels before we entered into the coalition.

  1. October 28, 2012 at 20:00

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