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>Now there were two things i wanted to discuss or rather rant about. That has been reduced to one. It is the education system.

First though, i have been watching the Australian Open, tennis for those of you who don’t know. There have been some fantastic matches. I’m looking forward to the Andrew Murray match tomorrow morning.
Also, i have had a change of location, i’m now currently in my home town of Ayr on the west coast of Scotland. It is also the Burns weekend. Burns or Robert Burns was from a little village called Alloway, just outside Ayr. Robert Burns was the national poet of Scotland and every year at new year we sing one of his most famous songs, “Auld Lang Syne”. Well, it’s the Bard’s 250th birthday on Sunday.
On to today’s topic of discussion.
The only time that I really struggle is when I have an idea that takes hold of me and possesses my mind. The idea and the thoughts that it inspires is the only things that i can think about. The only thing wrong with this is the feeling that it is wrong to think about it because when you have an idea, there are always the mundane things like school and Uni projects that need to be done or perhaps your older and it has now progressed into work.
You can’t develop the idea that is eating you from the inside out because you have like 1001 and things to do, that are now no longer of any interest. if you’ve never felt like this, i feel sorry for you.
Now, you’re wondering how all this relates to the education system, but i feel school should allow you to develop in any ideas you have further. You needn’t worry about failing or grades or paying the bills. It is a great way to learn as well because you have to be able to communicate your ideas across successfully and lets face it as a little kid the amount of time you dream of traveling across the stars or flying or traveling so fast no one can see you etc. will lead many kids into the marvelous area of science and the possibilities it holds.
I have many ideas early in my school career and i told them to an adult and they treated me like an idiot rather than discussing it and delving into the subject with me so i can learn not only how to make the idea a reality but the subject which could have spawned more ideas which would have made me learn more. 
For a long time, i felt that I was an idiot and that none of my ideas were ever good even though some of them were.
I think Britain needs a more positive outlook and a more let’s try it and that needs to be instilled in school because lessons learned at an early age can last a lifetime. 
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